About Bogan Style

In a world of fakery, hashtags and political correctness here’s a no BS introduction.

G’day! We’re Bogan Style –
We're an Aussie company that loves our bogan mates because they are: 
1. Down to earth,
2. Tell it like it is - no B.S.
3. Would drop everything to help a pal out.
4. Have no problem being able to take the piss and laugh at themselves.
Life is complicated but there are certain things you can rely on…’Friends’ re runs…your dog always being excited to see you and your bogan buddy keeping the coldies…well…cold!
A bogan mate won’t bat an eyelid when you hit the shops in your trackies and uggies.
A bogan mate will happily watch the latest ‘Neighbour from Hell’ segment on ‘A Current Affair’ before the footy starts – and probably know the bloke the reporter is trying to ambush!
And, if your commodore broke down in the middle of nowhere, your bogan mate would say “she’ll be right” and help fix/ push/ dump/ sell the car on Carsales for a ridiculous amount - all for the princely sum of a slab of beer (which he/she will happily share with you).
Bogans are the best at keeping it real. 
If you’re a bogan, we’re your cheer squad and we think you are a dead set legend.

A bogan mate is fun, totally loyal and no B.S.